Thursday, 25th October

14h00 – Opening Session   (Sala de Docentes do Colégio do Espírito Santo)

14.30h – Panel I – Face and Transcendence (Chair: José Alberto Ferreira

  1. Sofia Carvalho: A man who resembled a scissors: The face as intimacy and violence in Ingmar Bergman
  2. Fabio Pezzetti: “The Ashes of Time. Privileged instants and dissolution of objective temporality in the cinema of Ingmar Bergman
  3. Jūratė Baranova: Nudity of the Face and the Question of Spiritual Choice in Bergman’s Cinema
  4. Diana Neiva: “In defence of film as philosophy: Bergman beyond Kaila”

17h15 – Coffee brake

17.45h – Conference  (Biblioteca Pública de Évora)                                                              Maaret Koskinen:  Words versus ‘The Word’: The Interplay Between Language and Scripture in Ingmar Bergman’s Films and Writings

21h30 – Film Screening  (Auditório Soror Mariana)                                                               Summer Interlude (Sommarlek, 1951) (Commentary: Pedro Mantas)



Friday, 26 th October  

9h00 – Conferences  (Sala de Docentes do Colégio do Espírito Santo)
Susana Viegas: “Cavell, Bergman, and the Philosophical Role of Comedy
Pedro Mantas: “The Seventh Seal, Bergman’s Walk with Death and Love

(11.00h – Coffee brake)

11h15 – António Júlio Rebelo: “A Guerra segundo Ingmar Bergman

12h20– Lunch

13.30 – Panel II – Persona (Chair: José Manuel Martins)                                                               1. Romy Castro: “Um fazer da imagem”                                                                                      2.Cato Wittusen: “Persona’s repeated monologue scene and the role of the spectator
3. Catarina Rodrigues: “The pleasure of non-existence: Persona/Bergman
4. Maria del Carmen Molina: “Persona: From the ‘Theatre of Representation’ to the ‘Theatre of Cruelty’

15h00 – Conference(s):
José Manuel Martins: (on self-referentiality, mise-en-abîme and metalepsis in Bergman’s cinematography)
Luís Ferro: (on Bergman’s treatment of diegetic space)
José Alberto FerreiraHenrik Vogel encenador de teatro

17h30 – Coffeebrake

18h00 – Thomas Elsaesser: “The Last Temptation of Ingmar: Bergman and Hollywood” (Biblioteca Pública de Évora)

19h00 Closing session

19h30 – Congress Diner

21h30 – Film screening: From the Life of the Marionettes (Commentary: Thomas Elsaesser)